Human Resources Fundamentals Accredited By HRCI

Career Lounge has developed this course on “Human Resources Fundamentals” that will help you learn how good HR practice supports organizations and their people. In this course, you’ll get introduced to the practice of HR, and build skills you need as an HR professional. Besides, you’ll learn how HR helps organizations obtain business goals and strategic objectives. You’ll also explore the basic principles of workforce planning, employee recruitment and retention and more. Finally, you’ll learn about performance management, and how to support employees in attaining goals. What you'll learn • Develop a general understanding of the Human Resources function. • Apply key HR concepts and principles in the workplace. • Explain HR Professionalism and demonstrate an understanding of its significance to people and organizations • Define the role of HR in supporting an organization in meeting its strategy and objectives Who this course is for • This course is

Table of Content

HRM Session Outline
78Human Resources History تاريخ الموارد البشرية
79Determining Human Resources Role تحديد ادوار و مهام ادارة الموارد البشرية
80Organizational Charts الهياكل الادارية و التنظيمية
81Job Analysis تحليل الوظائف - Job Description الوصف الوظيفي - Job Specifications الخصائص الوظيفية
82Difference Between Recruitment & Talent Acquisition الفرق بين إدارة المواهب والاستقطاب والتعيين
83Recruitment and selection process عمليات ومراحل الاستقطاب والتعيين
84Competency based interviews المقابلات بناءا على الجدارات السلوكية والفنيه
85Measuring recruitment effectiveness قياس كفائة وفاعليه الاستقطاب والتعيين
86Linking performance Management system with Company Mission & vision ربط انظمه قياس الاداء بالاهداف الاستراتيجية
87Benefits of Performance Management System مزايا نظام قياس الاداء للمنظمة
88Types of Performance Appraisals انواع تقييم الاداء
89Management by Objectives الادارة بالاهداف
90Difference between training & development الفرق بين التدريب وتطوير الاداء
91Training cycle: ADDIE Approach عمليات التدريب
92Designing training plan تصميم البرامج التدريبية
93Different training types انواع التدريب
94Total Reward System framework الاطار العام للاجوروالمزايا
95Pay strategies types انواع وخطط الاجور
96Developing pay structure تطوير انظمة الاجور والمزايا
97Job Evaluation methods طرق تقييم الاداء
98Labor Law إدارة شئون العاملين وقانون العمل
99Social Insurance قانون العمل والتأمينات المصري

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